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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Out of the Woods and Into Mentone Public Library: Guest Author Dr. Patricia Bowmer [Saturday, 23rd March 2013: "An Author for All Seasons - Series Three"]

Seventeen privileged audience members agreed in unison; the launch of Mentone Public Library's 
third series of "An Author for All Seasons" 
was done in fine form with the appearance of our first guest author for the year; Dr. Patricia Bowmer.
Inspiring, poised, earnest, warm and personable, Patricia invited us to take an adventure-filled walk with her through her life as Corporate Warrior, fitness instructor, intrepid traveller, mother, athlete, psychologist, life coach and finally, as author. And we were only too happy to travel that path with her. Patricia defined herself perfectly upon explaining that she has no single prescribed role, but rather many different titles to serve her one single mission in life; to help and inspire others to realise who they are and reach their full potential despite the obstacles that threaten to deter and dissuade them.

Introducing us to her first work, Patricia's book 
In Pursuit of Joy: Life Lessons From Exhilaration, cleverly interweaves that of the author's own evolving passion for physical exercise and its many health benefits, with the allegory of fitness as a means to a fulfilled life and heightened sense of clarity and purpose. The book aims to juxtapose Patricia's own physical, mental and spiritual rewards through her engagement with exercise and adventure running, with  that of the individual seeking to shine their brightest through nurturing their own strengths and loves, and ways to oxygenate their dream.

Filled with suspense, action and daring, Patricia teased and tantalised her audience with a few extracts from her adrenaline-charged, physical and philosophical novel 
Akilina Out of the Woods:
"Halley has led a life marred by indecision and poor choices. Abused by lovers and herself, when she marries Sean, a good man, she can’t bear his love. The day she plans to leave him, her car is forced from a suspension bridge, plunging deep into a fast-flowing river. But Halley is given one more chance, when ten-year-old Eden opens the door between Halley’s past, present and future. She embarks on a wild and dangerous adventure, through dark woods, vast tundras, and to the top of the highest peaks, encountering her long-ago selves, and battling a mysterious but strangely familiar nemesis. Frightened, lost, but determined to succeed, she is in search of herself, her baby, and a life worth living. A book about struggle. About transformation. About claiming."  
 Claiming is indeed what resulted following Patricia's presentation, as audience members shared their own struggles and aspirations for transformation in realising their own personal dreams and visions. Including fellow writer and medic Anthony Duckworth (pictured), who talked about his own struggles in his pursuits as a writer, and the challenge of writing from the female character's perspective convincingly as a male writer. Discussion also delved into the rough terrain of trying to get published, and maintaining self-belief in a market that will deliver more rejection than acceptance of a submitted manuscript. Patricia's advice was consistent and clear; roll with the punches, roll with the fear, and rise again each time you fall. It may not be possible to overcome fear, but it is possible to work alongside it and still reach your goal.
Patricia, thank-you for kick-starting our third series of "An Author for All Seasons" with such an invigorating and life-affirming session. It seems only fitting in our first month of Autumn; a season devoted to the shedding of old leaves in preparation for blossoming anew.  

Our Autumn literary program continues with Cheryl Threadgold at 11am on Saturday, 27th April 2013 with her successful series: Riddle-O-Pedia. Please bring a gold coin and a good sense of humour to this session, as laughing will be mandatory!  Bookings essential.

D'oh! Sorry readers. Where is my head? How could I possibly sign off from a glowing report about this talented author/inspiring individual without giving you Dr. Patricia Bowmer's contact information so you can buy and read her publications for yourself?

1) Phone Patricia
    0418 108 037 
2) Email Patricia:       
3) Visit Patricia's website:

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