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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Poetic Seasoning: Bayside Poetry Group in Vivid Colours at Mentone Public Library - 11am, Sat. 4th May 2013

Our final month of Autumn delivered an awe-inspiring display of poetic leaves that eloquently danced across our library shelves and graced our hearts. It was all thanks to the warm and humble Bayside Poetry Group. With four representatives from the group present on the day, each member read from their selection of Bayside Poetry Group anthologies and treated us to laughs, tears, food for thought...and for some audience members, inspiration to rise and share their own poetic efforts.

Founder of Bayside Poetry Group Gaytana Adorna and convenor of the library's launch of "Unweathered Words - Local Writing Group Showcases", led the way reciting an array of her self-penned works detailing resilience, re-growth and re-invention.

For more information about Bayside Poetry Group, please contact Gaytana via her website:

Just a Moment

Sharing the Moment

This Life
Write Again Right Again
Heart and Soul Food 

Among analyses about courage lay amusing commentaries of the annoying quirks the body is inclined to acquire as time passes.
Long-time members Shirley Randles,Val Holdsworth and new member Gwen Mc Callum delivered their odes to the                                                                                     weary body with sheer hilarity, before moving on to more sombre

 Sixteen year old Mentone Grammar pupil
Oscar O-Neill Pugh
had the crowd in amazed silence as he recited original works detailing
to haunting perfection the affects of isolation and betrayal to a person's very soul and fibre.

But no poetry session would be complete
 without a commentary on the world
of vacuum cleaners
 and industrial cleaning.
Lois Jessop undoubtedly delivered
as the the audience was sucked right in!

Bayside Poetry Group will make another public appearance this week as part of the Bayside Literary Festival. Audiences attending will also be in for a very special and unique listening experience that no other event is offering this year...but it is a surprise, so purchase your ticket to find out what it is!

When: Thursday, 23rd May 2013
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: Bayside City Council Library and
             Information Service - Beaumaris Branch
Add: 96 Reserve Road, Beaumaris.VIC. 3193
Tickets: $10

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