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Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Reflective Entry from Author Danae Andrea Harwood: " An Author for All Seasons" - 11am, Saturday, 28th March 2015

A Reflective Entry from Author Danae Andrea Harwood: " An Author for All Seasons" - 11am, Saturday, 28th March 2015

Black Rock author Danae Andrea Harwood with her highly revered publications introduced to our audience:
"The Writer's Runway Volume 1, 100 Strategies for the Aspiring Writer's Head, Heart & Soul"
".factor: Hot Dot and Odd Spot Games for Cool Entertainment."
On 28th March I was honoured to open Series 5 of ‘An Author for All Seasons’ at Mentone Public Library. I felt most welcomed by the volunteer staff and the warm audience. At the end of the session, we enjoyed a glass of wine to further celebrate the commencement of the new series and Mentone Public Library’s 90th year in operation.

I spoke about the two books that I self-published in 2014: The Writer’s Runway Volume 1, 100 Strategies for the Aspiring Writer’s Head, Heart, & Soul, and .factor, which is a games book for ages 8+ that my grandmother and sons inspired me to create.

I talked about why I wrote the books, what the books are about, and how they help people. I also explained how I came up with the book ideas and a little about the self-publishing process.

I was delighted by the audience’s response to The Writer’s Runway. They felt that the book’s insights contained life lessons and applied to creating a sense of balance and well-being in general as well as with writing. 

I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown for  .factor. The audience thought that it was a great way to connect the younger and older generations. 

I wish to thank Mentone Public Library for the opportunity to present the books in a comfortable, intimate environment. Many thanks to Julia Reichstein for her wholehearted support and assistance in preparation for the day.

I look forward to speaking again at Mentone Public Library on Saturday, 26th September about the theme ‘How We Played Then and How We Play Now’.

Lastly, I wish to reiterate my congratulations to Mentone Public Library for serving the community for ninety years. It’s an amazing achievement to have provided resources to four generations of people who love and need books.

Danae, it was a sheer delight and privilege to introduce your publishing achievements to our library patrons and the Mentone community - some of whom are writers themselves.
Your enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to your dreams and serving the creative needs of writers, as well as re-establishing the dynamic of family pastime recreation shone through and was a joy to behold. Your insights were practical and life-affirming. We at Mentone Public Library could not think of a more perfect way to launch our fifth series than to take your runway.


Mentone Public Library
Springtime Storytelling Special:
"Tales and Trivia of How 
We Played Then and How We Play Now"
Featuring Danae Andrea Harwood,
Literary Friends...and YOU!
11am, Saturday, 26th September 2015
For the opportunity to see Danae appear again at Mentone Public Library at 11am, on Saturday, 26th September 2015 for our Springtime Storytelling Special: "Tales and Trivia of How We Played Then and How We Play Now" book here:

To our Mentone Public Library blog readers wishing to partake in our Mentone Public Library 90th Anniversary Celebrations with our celebrated local authors and emerging writers to be held 
11am-2pm on Saturday, 30th May 2015

To learn more and purchase works by 
Danae Andrea Harwood, 
please visit the author's website: 

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