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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A 'Riddlie' Good Time Had: Reflecting on Author Cheryl Threadgold at Mentone Public Library - 11am, Saturday, 27th April 2013

  • Awe. 
  • Contemplation.
  • Laughter. 
  • Cerebral Challenges ...
  • and Pondering Life's Mind-Boggling Teasers Such as the Timeless Chicken's Reason for Crossing the Road.
  • Another Round of Belly-Laughs.

Such was the fascinating, enthralling, entertaining and   life-affirming talk presented by Cheryl Threadgold to continue the diversity of our Autumn instalment of "An Author for All Seasons - Series Three."

Cheryl took us on a wonderful adventure that was her success story of publishing her widely-consumed riddle compilation: "The Riddle-O-Pedia."

From a humble idea to create a comprehensive, indexed riddle resource to assist her children's ambitions to contribute to "Corinella" ; a former long-running riddle page of the Herald Sun Newspaper, emerged a popular series which saw several re-prints and found a major buyer in Scholastic Australia.

Cheryl's talk not only proved inspiring as she documented her tireless perseverance to produce and market such a unique and needed resource, it also proved lively and interactive, as the giggling audience were dealt brain teasers and rewarded with complimentary copies of Cheryl's five different and vibrant Riddle-O-Pedia compilations for every riddle correctly these beaming winners can proudly attest to.

The Riddle-O-Pedia series is comprised of:

  1. The Riddle-O-Pedia
  2. The Riddle-O-Pedia Volume 2
  3. The Riddle-O-Pedia: CREATIVITY
  4. The Riddle-O-Pedia: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  
  5. The Riddle-O-Pedia: ENVIRONMENT
  6. The Riddle-O-Pedia: GHOSTS
  7. The Riddle-O-Pedia: SPORT

Cheryl is also a director, dancer, performer, orator at Black Rock House, radio play writer and Order of Australia recipient.

Cheryl, enormous thanks on behalf of the Mentone Public Library team for a stimulating morning of laughter and cerebral acrobatics. Who needs a caffeine hit when you can have a jolly good riddle?!

To purchase copies from Cheryl's Riddle-O-Pedia collection, visit:

Concluding our Autumn literary collection of "An Author for All Seasons" is Amanda Apthorpe, discussing her acclaimed book about loss, love and learning to re-build again; "Whispers in the Wiring."

WHEN:  11am, Saturday 25th May 2013
WHERE: Mentone Public Library
ADDRESS: Rear of the CAB Mentone Building - 36 Florence Street, Mentone, Victoria Australia. 3194
ENTRY: By Gold Coin
RSVP: Thursday, 23rd May 2013
BOOKINGS: Essential.

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