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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Whispering Words of Wisdom: Author Amanda Apthorpe Speaks of Loss and Recovery - 11am, Saturday, 25th May 2013

In times of despair, we can either take deeper refuge in our belief system to pull us through or shun all we have ever embraced completely.
Whispers in the Wiring, Amanda Apthorpe's first novel and the winning manuscript among thousands submitted to Atlas Productions, is the exploration of a priest faced with great loss and left questioning his faith as a result of his identical brother's death.
It is the study of the infinite grapple between religion versus science, humankind and the metaphysical, human error and human hope, lost opportunities and second chances, separation and reunion, releasing what has passed and rejuvenation.

Far from being a dark and futile experience, Amanda's book seeks to show its very human characters in all their shades - from their darkest hours to their moments of enlightenment, and how memory both propels and dispels each of them at different times through their road to recovery and acceptance of the loss they all share.

Whispers in the Wiring, is also the study of family, and family re-birth. It demonstrates how one's end can mark the new beginning for another, even in the most unlikeliest of workable family dynamics!
Amanda spoke quite candidly about each of her characters; the ones she favoured and those with whom she struggled to like and abstain from harshly judging. For Amanda, this book came to be just as much about her own consolidation of past life events as it was about sharing a beautiful and honestly raw novel.

 Indeed, the biggest question on everybody's minds that was finally posed to our guest author by one brave audience member was: "So have you solved it? Can you tell us why we are here?"

Neither science nor religion could bring our author or a single library guest to a certifiable conclusion, but one thought was unanimous;  let's make the most of it while we are here!

Perhaps the answer lies in Amanda's own life manifesto;

"If I was to identify a guiding principle in my life it would be to find balance, in particular, between rational and creative modes of thinking."

Amanda, Mentone Public Library thanks you
for a morning of contemplation and inspiration.

To learn more about Whispers in the Wiring,
or to contact the author,
visit Amanda Apthorpe's website at:

Our first author for our winter instalment of
"An Author for All Seasons - Series Three"
is author, radio personality and life coach
Christine Heart Savage, discussing her book;
"Living Beyond Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm."

Time: 11am
Date: Saturday, 29th June 2013
Entry: Gold Coin Donation

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