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Thursday, 5 June 2014

No Blue Day for the Blue Chair Poets: Three Writers Reflect on their Presentation at Mentone Public Library of their Co-Authored Book THREESOME

Mentone Library 11am, Saturday 31st May 2014...

"A year ago The Blue Chair Poets were booked by the lovely Julia to appear at
Mentone Library. We had self published a book of poetry called Threesome,
which is accessible poetry encompassing experience of life, love, loss and
happy childhood memories.

Little did we know the gift Julia gave us because when we prepared our talk
we were able to reflect on our journey for the past year.
So it was with enthusiasm we stood before the audience at Mentone Library,
grateful for the chance to share it with others.

Mentone Library is a unique,warm and caring environment for all writers.
From the the time we were booked Julia kept us informed at all times. The
night before our performance she gave us final numbers for the audience.
Chairs were reserved for our family and friends. We were treated as VIPs
from the moment we stepped through the door.

The front counter was reserved for our book,
every detail had been thoughtfully considered.  

What a joy to see happy encouraging faces look back at us as we performed our poetry.

The audience generously indulged us by joining in the writing
exercise we had prepared. We were all thrilled when some
people shared their poetry with us that they had written in the
space of 10 minutes.

All too soon our hour of sharing what we love came to an end. From our
perspective we loved every minute of the experience. Feedback we received
was that the audience had a good time too. We all shared in the joy of
words, in a room filled with books, from great writers to new writers, it
was an event that none of the Blue Chair Poets will forget.

We thank President Tony, Secretary Sue, and the hard-working Julia for their
dedication and generosity towards local writers. We had a great time....and
sold some books too!

Warm regards:
Debbie, Sarah and Yvette
The Blue Chair Poets"

    LEFT - RIGHT (Blue Chair Poets + One) : Sarah FARRUGIA, Debbie WILLIAMS,
    For Enquiries or to Purchase Copies of THREESOME

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To learn more about or become involved with the BLUE CHAIR POETS:

Mentone Public Library wish to congratulate and thank the talented Blue Chair Poets on a fantastic session at our library. Full of life, warmth and celebration, it is a memory that will stay in our library for years to come.

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