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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Reflective Entry from Pamela Holko About her Recent Author Talk at Mentone Public Library

Reflective Entry from Pamela Holko About her Recent Author Talk Held at Mentone Public Library: 
11am, Saturday, 29th November 2014

On Saturday November 29, I had the pleasure of being guest speaker at Mentone Public Library. The purpose was to discuss my book written for grandparents who provide daycare for young grandchildren, Wednesdays at Gam’s.

 After being made very welcome by the Library President Tony and Media and Events Manager  Julia, I began by giving a brief outline of my writing experiences and how I came to write the book. I included the literary journey which led me to self publishing and some of the problems that this approach brings. It is now very common for grandparents to provide regular and/or occasional childcare, in order to help families where either because of necessity or preference, both parents are in the paid workforce at least part time. Some grandparents in this situation need support and encouragement if they have not worked with young children, or been involved in their care, since their own children were young.

I was very keen for the session to be interactive where grandparents could share ideas and experiences and after warming up, it was great to move onto facilitating just that. Grandparents shared common feelings and concerns, not the least of which was the energy level needed when caring for young children. Another concern was finding enough appropriate activities as the attention span of a young child is short.

After suggesting some suitable activities for various age groups, I went on to offer suggestions for outings to share and simple ideas for healthy meals and snacks. Many more suggestions for these areas can be found in the book. In my opinion, grandparents are in the wonderful position of being able to offer time, love and fun as they assist in the development of curiosity and language in their young grandchildren. 

I would like to express my thanks to the President and his committee of the Mentone Public Library for giving me the opportunity to speak on a subject I am passionate about; providing quality time for young grandchildren.
Pamela Holko

Mentone Public Library thanks you, Pamela, for a truly refreshing and insightful presentation, allowing us to burrow into the cubby house that is the child's perspective, and teaching us to provide higher quality care for children during their early years.
Wednesdays at Gam's
Providing Daycare for Grandchildren: What really works
Available from   RRP $24.95

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