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Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Reflective Entry from Author Liliane Grace: " An Author for All Seasons" - 11am, Saturday, 18th April 2015


I almost began my talk on Saturday 18th April with a strip tease! After all, the talk was called ‘The Naked Author…’ 

But yes, you’ve guessed it, that was a tongue-in-cheek title and I was actually giving the ‘stripped back to the bare truth’ story of my journey from the age of six or seven when I started writing to now, at my half-century, with four published books to my name.

We leapt through the years of my life from my four childhood dreams, represented by the balloons in the pictures, to what happened with them all.
The audience was initially startled and then winced on schedule - I'll leave you to join the dots!

I focused most of my talk on my first book, 'The Mastery Club - See theInvisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible', which is a ‘personal development novel’ about five adolescents who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and their dreams. The book is packed full of character-building practical strategies and principles for realising one’s dreams, but it’s also a page-turning story - or so I’m told! (It has won an international award in the category of Youth Fiction, so there must be some truth in that…)

The Mastery Club and sequel, The Hidden Order, explore the concept of ‘universal laws’. We’re all familiar with the Law of Gravity, but we are also all subject to and mostly ignorant of several others laws, such as the Law of Polarity, the Law of Resonance and Vibration, and the Law of Conservation. I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to buy or borrow the books and discover more!

TheMastery Club® now forms the basis for a 10 week program for youth that I teach in schools, which is a real blast! (If you’re a parent or teacher and would like to know more, send me a line.)
I also shared briefly about my two picture books in The Champion Series, ‘The Boy Who Barked’ about Behavioural Specialist Dr John Demartini, and ‘The Boy Who Found His Pulse’ about Health Educator Don Tolman. These two men utterly inspire me. Dr Demartini’s philosophy is all the way through my books and Don’s health info is woven throughout as well.

I’d like to thank all the library patrons who took the risk and came to hear me speak, and to my lovely, caring hosts, Julia Reichstein and Tony Brooker. I felt cared for and appreciated from the moment Julia first made contact with me, I thoroughly enjoyed the time warp trip to 1925 in that gorgeous library, and I was deeply moved by the beautiful feedback I received afterwards. Perhaps we can do it again another time!

Liliane - what an absolute treat to have you. Invigorating, passionate, enlivening and so sincere. If there is anything a person could wish for in a presentation, you brought it all - including the  balloons to wince and celebrate with! Your presentation soared into the depths of the human psyche and showed that no matter what challenges life brings, we are never without choice and just need to tap into our internal 'tool-belt' to empower ourselves and work through it, to discover who we truly are and be all we can be. We just have to be prepared to look at ourselves, amend our language and approach and be accountable for all our choices.
While it can be a raw, long-term process requiring us to "strip ourselves down" to our bare essentials, in order to ultimately enrich ourselves again - it is indeed achievable, and the choice is most definitely there.

Thank-you, Liliane.


To learn more about Liliane Grace, purchase copies of her publications, participate in her interactive, life-affirming programs or contact Liliane for an unforgettable and inspiring presentation, be sure to visit:

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