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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Highlights From Our 90th Anniversary Celebration...

Like with all big events, we here at the Mentone Public Library needed some time to digest the festivities before we shared the highlights with you all. 

That's my excuse for taking so long to bring you the goss from our birthday party. :-)

Mordialloc Ukulele Group warming up the crowd.
There was a sense of excitement amongst the volunteers who had worked tirelessly to bring the day together. 

We had local officials, writers, poets, historians, long-time library patrons and a street performer who made awesome balloon art (you should have seen the motorbike) and who went above and beyond by  preventing our marquee from taking off in the strong wind several times during proceedings.
Lesley and our Marquee saving Street Performer Shannon.
It was a wonderful celebration not only of the Mentone Public Library but of our local community as well. Listening to the Blue Chair Poets recount what living in Mentone means to them gave a somewhat formal affair a lovely feeling of intimacy.
The (sometimes cheeky and always fabulous) Blue Chair Poets

And what birthday party would be complete without cake -
A big thank you to Julia, Tony, the other volunteers, and the local community members who gave their time and energy to make the event a succsess.  Here's to another 90!!
Local Historian Veronica presenting our Julia with a thank you gift.

Happy Reading,
Mentone Public Library

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