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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blue is Indeed the Warmest Colour: Highlights from the Blue Chair Poets' Poetry Healing Workshop Held at Mentone Public Library - 11am, Saturday, 25th June 2016

Mentone Public Library 

will take every opportunity for a poetic boost from the talented 

Blue Chair Poets

The Blue Chair Poets. Left to Right: Deborah Williams, Sarah Farrugia, Yvette Bentata-Moore

You see, when in the company of these three infectiously delightful literary ladies...feeling blue is most definitely a state of mind you want to be in.

Enticed with Haiku, optimism and inspiring fragrances wafting the air, poetic hearts and spirits were aflutter as a joyous exchange of memory and visual stimuli filled the room during what had been forecast to be an unforgiving winter's morning..not for us; rejuvenation was in full bloom.

We at Mentone Public Library thought we ought to share some of that beautiful blue with you from that morning:

Rest assured, you have not seen the last of The Blue Chair Poets. 

They will be returning to us here at Mentone Public Library on Saturday, 24th September 2016 
for our 
Springtime Storytelling Special: 
"How We Learned Then and How We Learn Now."

They will be accompanied by Local Author and fellow effervescent spirit Danae Andrea Harwood 
(pictured below standing in violet Haiku triumph).

But if you cannot wait till September to feel blue again, contact the girls directly about getting involved with their monthly poetry gatherings or purchasing their book "Threesome":

Thank-you for a glorious literary experience, blue-tiful ladies.


The Mentone Public Library Team.

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