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Friday, 5 May 2017

PAUL'S PICKS [Book Reviews of Publications by Local Authors]: "The Girl Who Lived" by Susan Berg

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 [Book Reviews of Publications Penned by Our Community's Local Authors]

Mentone Public Library is committed towards promoting local history and the local literary talent of the City of Kingston and surrounding municipalities; the Cities of Bayside, Glen Eira and Port Phillip in the Bayside region of Melbourne Australia.

Mentone Public Library is pleased to have recruited Paul "Percussion & Poet" Karp to source and review the local literary pearls of publications you might be yet to discover.

This month Paul's book review pick is:

Susan Berg's compelling 2014 memoir begins with the Westernport Bay boating disaster she survived that claimed the lives of her parents and brother. 'Survival Guilt' quickly overwhelmed her. She went off the rails fast at a young age with  harrowing beginnings to single motherhood. Charmed encounters and abrupt endings characterised her love life and work life. Despite all this she still took charge of her life. 
The result is a candid account of a life well lived despite horrendous setbacks.
 Susan's engaging story is ultimately an highly inspiring one she not only survived, but truly lived.   


Susan has endured much in her life yet continues to strive to live a happy and fulfilling life – taking on new challenges in order to heal and share. Susan is now an author, public speaker, professional swimmer, fundraiser and owner of WOW Motorcycle Tours.

We were privileged to have Susan Berg speak at our library in July 2015. Despite the hardship Susan encountered in her formative years and early adulthood, it was an ambiance of hope and joy that Susan evoked with her optimistic and grounded presence. Susan assured us that despite the great losses we can experience in our lives, we needn't go amiss in the void. We still have it within us to recreate and celebrate.

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