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Sunday, 9 December 2018

"An Author for All Seasons: Series Eight": The Grand Finale in the Spirit of Strength & Resilience - 11am, Saturday, 15 December 2018

Mentone Public Library

"An Author for All Seasons" 

  Series Eight



Our Grand Finale for 2018

Bookings are essential 

due to the cozy nature of our space.

Phone Tony: 03 9583-8494

Entry: Gold Coin 

Time and Date:
            Saturday, 15 December 2018        

RSVPThursday, 13 December 2018      

VenueMentone Public Library

AddressRear, 36 Florence Street, Mentone 3194


* Christmas Book Sales and Signings from our Attending Series Eight Local  Authors!
* Silly Seasons Sweets & Nibbles 

* Our  President's Prized Jingle-All-the-Way Fruit Punch!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Fit Minds, Fantastic Messages: Terry Bahat & Sara Vidal Kingston Seniors Festival Author Talk Reflections - 11am, Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Kingston Seniors Festival is a

 wonderful community endeavour by 

our municipality to not only

 celebrate our senior citizens, 

but to bring all 

demographics of our community 

together to share and

celebrate life and learn ways to 

improve our 

health and wellbeing.

At Mentone Public Library, 

we were privileged to have

two local authors join us and offer 

their invaluable 

messages of embracing positivity, 

self-love, family and 


Reflection by Paul Karp  

Visit Paul Karp's Poetry Website at:

Terry Bahat is a mind and body fitness expert.


LOSS FOR BUSY WOMEN' aims to help women reclaim their


'Mindset is where transformation begins' is her credo.
Terry realised the day she looked into a mirror, 30 kilograms 

overweight, that she needed to make changes in her life.
Wearing a jacket called 'weight' she suffered embarrassment, 

lacked a social life, and just wanted to sleep.

'In life we get what we look for' she stated.
She changed the three essential elements of life:
- Mindset
- Diet
- Physical activity

She resolved to strengthen her body by moving it outdoors. 

She now has more energy, confidence and vitality.

Terry's book contains tips for healthy eating. 

'Food can cause depression' she said, adding 

'Food is not a therapy'.

She prefers using the term 'physical activity' to 'exercise'. 

The former term being a wider description signifying

'many mental, emotional and physical benefits'.

Benefiting from rising from their chairs and engaging in physical activity with Terry, Mentone Public Library patrons begin to feel better already!
Terry's book contains suggestions for sticking to fitness goals,

such as doing physical activities with a buddy.

She wrote her book and committed herself 

to life coaching because 

'we are bombarded with

conflicting information'.

Her book includes inspirational tips, such as 

'Happiness is a choice'.

Terry was only too willing to guide attendees to such a choice

 by offering owners of her book a:

 Indeed, such a conversation is only possible when one is a

 living, breathing

 example of a happy mindset.

Fortunately, Terry exuded this quality in limitless quantities.

An engaging presenter committed to practicing what she


Terry, this was an extraordinary session.

We extend our hands to thank you.


Sara Vidal's book about her parents 

'Bella and Chaim: The Story of Beauty and Life' 

took over 25 years to write.

As an infant, Sara migrated to Australia with her parents

 after World War II.

She noticed some European family friends 

had numbers on  their arms.

Her mother began confiding to Sara from the age of seven

 about her past, rare miracles among much terrible suffering.

Sara with her younger sister Janette

'There was no God', her mother told her. 

'How could there be when six million died!'

In the early 1990's, at a time when holocaust denial gained

 media traction, 

Sara's need to tell her parents' story crystallised.

For her parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1992 

Sara wrote for them the story about their lives.

'You got it all wrong' her mother told her later. 

Sara resolved to get their story right.

After retirement from work in 2014 

she attended a Blue Mountains writers' retreat 

where her drive to write was rekindled.

In 2016 her manuscript was finally accepted for publishing.

Sara read short excerpts from her book that addressed issues

 such as the guilt her mother felt for surviving 

when so many of her relatives didn't.

How the mental image of a white tablecloth helped her

 mother 'hold back the dark'.

'What if's' such as 

'What if there was more resistance?'

Some Jews survived because they trusted Gentiles, 

others were betrayed, and there were even

Sara's mother quietly confirmed 

'Yes, this all happened'.

Sara concluded her talk with the announcement 

of plans to present her book as a play. 


Dear Sara,

Congratulations on this achievement - both personally,

 professionally and also for your contribution to 

Australian, European and War History.

You are a warm, caring, sincere spirit and your dedication to

 your parents and preserving their eye-witness account of the 

Holocaust moved us all here at Mentone Public Library.

We are very proud to have your book on our shelves.