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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pen-icillin Prescribed for the Soul: Reflecting on a Healing Session with Dr. Leah Kaminsky: 11am, Saturday, 30th August 2014

Pen-icillin Prescribed for the Soul:
Reflecting on a Healing Session with Dr. Leah Kaminsky
Speaking Date: 11am, Saturday, 30th August 2014

A gentle pinch of humanity and a healthy dose of eye contact were the doctor's orders as a keen, intimate group of attendees filed into our library and benefited from the nurturing presence of Dr. Leah Kaminsky:
* medical general practitioner
* mother,
* author
* engaging performer
* and immensely compassionate human being.

Author of Stitching Things Together and editor for The Pen and the Stethoscope as well as the Australian version of Creative Non Fiction Magazine, in a 90 minute enthralling consultation, Leah discussed her passage into the world of medical practice and how writing helped her to re-connect with her core and in turn reconnect with her patients.

“It’s important to listen to the narrative behind the symptoms when treating a patient. We should look beyond the illness to see the real story behind it and zero in on a person’s ‘emotional temperature.’ Writing has helped me to become a better doctor because it encourages compassion and empathy.”

A humble speaker reluctant to acknowledge or take credit for her contribution towards the community's better health and wellbeing, Leah's achievements could very well have been cast into obscurity by her very humility if not for two vital antecdotes: 

* The overwhelming evidence documenting
   Leah's efforts through her writings, local media coverage
   and peer-produced publications
* The most significant witness of all...her patients.

Brought to life by Leah's stories,
it was pure joy to to see Leah re-create her
most memorable consultations and patients
with such affection, animation and loving humour.

Leah made the prognosis for good
community health abundantly clear:
good medicine starts with the heart,
not with the head.

To learn more about Leah Kaminsky and Leah's works,
I recommend you visit Leah's website:

Mentone Public Library sincerely thanks you, Leah,
for showing our patrons the healing power of the earnest word.


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